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SCA Double Steak entry fee
SCA Double Steak entry fee
60 000 Ft

SCA Double Steak entry fee

Double Steak


You will be allocated a 3m x 3m space to set up your tent and your grilling equipment and will have plenty of time to cook two of your best steaks ever: one to turn in for the competition, one for you to enjoy.

Turn in one steak, whole and uncut, on top of the provided foil disk, no sauce or garnish.

The target doneness is medium, steaks may be cooked on any fire or heat source, and we will provide all the ribeye steaks for the event in order to create a level playing field. No other ribeye steaks are allowed at a team’s cook site.

The steak entries will be judged by SCA Certified Judges on Appearance, Doneness, Taste, Texture, and Overall Impression in a double-blind process.


Details on the Füstös Nyúl webpage.
Online product - please choose personal reception as delivery method. After a successful purchase, you will have your downloadable ticket on your profile. It is not needed physically, you will be identified according to your name and address upon arrival.
60 000 Ft
Date: 1th of July 2023.(saturday)
Parking available on site
Entry deadline 26st of Jun 2023.
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