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Grill terrace at Fehér Nyúl!

This weekend visitors who are just as invested in beer as in coffee are in luck, as we celebrate the International Coffee Day on Friday!

Amongst our talented team of brewers there is in fact a trained barista, so Fehér Nyúl’s relationship with coffee was always an important one. We have brewed espresso-tonic IPAs, white stouts, a cascara and coffee infused gose and of course numerous “cold brew” dark beers. This Friday, on account of the special day, Glam Stout’s brand-new batch will be tapped, which presents intense aroma thanks to the Colombian specialty roast “Manos Juntas”.

Fresh roasts accompany coffee as we are organizing a grill terrace at the Rabbit’s Hole! Our premium ball grills are available to rent, so the gang can start the night out with brewery fresh draft beer and BBQ. Bring what you want to put on the rack, and we provide you with the rest – rent a grill by sending an email.

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