Pub food - options to better the Hungarian selection
Let’s face it, after a night of drinking it’s not only the amount of beer we drank that determines if we have a productive day or not. What we ate alongside matters just as much!
In 2022 it is not such a big surprise, that you can visit a craft brewery. Homebrewers, gastrobloggers, beer geeks – all kinds of enthusiasts come to see where our beers are made. But this post is not for them, since those who already visited know what it’s all about. No, my dear Reader, this post is for those who haven’t experienced a brewery tour before. Let’s see what you can expect!
Barrel aging
Wooden barrels are becoming a more and more common sight in craft breweries, but in a different application.
Off-flavor training
Have you ever felt something strange and untrue flavour when you tasted of a beer? It is also possible it was not your type, however it is also possible you have met with an off- flavor.
You might have heard that we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. In the following blogpost we would like to explain in detail the background of this decision as well as our plans and goals with it.

Are you of legal drinking age?