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The world is infinite, wonderful, and holds lots of secrets. We believe that the role of mankind is to explore. Everything that we do, powered by our passionate curiosity, is another step on this road. It is this curiosity that set us off on the exciting path of home brewing around 2010. At first, we were driven by the joy of creation and exploring, that at home, in your kitchen, you can brew a drinkable, what's more - a pretty good beer.

Then we dove deeper; experimenting with the diversity of raw materials, the endless varieties of beer types, the mysteries of biochemistry, the newer and newer ways of methods, tools and equipment. Brewing as such definitely sucked us in. But we did not stop there! We wanted to show others as well, that the world of beers is a lot richer than we thought before. We wanted to share the joy caused by exploring with as many people as possible.

So, we created the Fehér Nyúl (White Rabbit) Brewery, to open a gate for people like us, who are constantly driven by curiosity. Our brewery is the rabbit’s hole, through which you can get into another world. Trust yourself to the White Rabbit, and step in!


The Taproom is our tasting facility inside the brewery, where you can sample our brand-new beers from the tap, can or bottle. There isn’t a more authentic place to grab a beer than this. Sitting next to the brewhouse, with a beer in your hand that was served by professional staff and kept cold and fresh since it left the fermenter you can focus solely on what you came for. Enjoying the experience of exploring beer without any disturbance, or to have a conversation with friends in the company of special and fresh drinks. You can come alone, with friends, family, pets, during the regular opening hours or even for private parties booked ahead.

Our taproom is the base of our events such as regular brewery tours or off flavor workshops. Our plant is located close to Budapest's center, in the 9th district. You can enjoy our very fresh products in an industrial environment, and if you manage your timing wisely, you can join some exciting events such as beer tasting, premiers or concerts. If in the summer season you would like to enjoy a nice BBQ experience with your friends or family, you are sorted - we have all the tools necessary available to rent! For 7.500 HUF we provide everything you need, you just have to bring what you want to cook!


Taproom opening hours: Fridays 17:00-23:00


Fehér Nyúl - after a short contract brewing period - moved into the current brewery in 2017. The building was part of a textile factory previously, and you can find the brewery, as well as our office and the taproom on the same premises. This is the core of The Hole, a cozy community space within the brewing plant. Within the area you can find several warehouses of ours, our covered terrace in the summer season, and that is not all! After our successful crowdfunding campaign, we have the opportunity for further expansions that we will make happen in 2023. Do you have a question? Our colleagues are waiting for your inquiry at !