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Brewery Tour

Mate Farkas
19/05/2022 09:51
Brewery Tour

In 2022 it is not such a big surprise, that you can visit a craft brewery. Homebrewers, gastrobloggers, beer geeks – all kinds of enthusiasts come to see where our beers are made. But this post is not for them, since those who already visited know what it’s all about. No, my dear Reader, this post is for those who haven’t experienced a brewery tour before. Let’s see what you can expect!

Let’s start at the beginning; why is it exciting and useful even for a layman to take part in a tour like this? Beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Brewing is a very complex process and needs special knowledge. If we are drinking it, it should be important to know how it’s made, right? By the end of the tour our guests learn the basics of brewing, familiarize themselves with the main ingredients and understand the difference between big beer and craft beer. To summarize, the participants take a huge step towards becoming a conscious consumer.


So, what do we offer that make Fehér Nyúl’s brewery tour special?

1)     Highly trained tour guides

We run a small business with a team of less than 20 employees. Due to the nature of our company, the knowledge of the workers tends to overlap a lot. This is true in the case of our tourguides too! Dávid, Péter, Botond, Máté; all experienced homebrewers who entered the food industry due to their hobby or education. Besides the solid base knowledge, they also bring something to the table from their own experience; we have a photographer who worked in multiple breweries, a food scientist, a registered tour guide, a quality control specialist. All of our guides have their own style and expertise, so even repeat visits will hold something new for our guests.


2)     Q&A

Since our guides are experts in both industrial-, and homebrewing, there are but a few questions they couldn’t answer. Numerous attendees were guided by our efforts. Do you have questions regarding yeast management? Are you interested in the different methods of bottling? Are you interested in our opinion on the differences between Czech and Hungarian big beer business? We are here to answer all of your questions!


3)     The Brewery

Fehér Nyúl’s plant on Soroksári avenue is very unique amongst Hungary’s numerous microbreweries. During its construction five years ago a major aspect we considered was the location. We wanted a place close enough to the city center that it wouldn’t be an issue for guests to visit us. We needed to find a place where the Brewery and the Taproom could be located under the same roof. We succeeded in this goal, creating a complex where you can sit down to enjoy our educational programs right next to the brewhouse, with a glass in your hand, 15 minutes away from the city’s centrum.

The brewery’s floorplan itself is design with visitors in mind. Most of the equipment used are built in Budapest. Due to an agreement between Fehér Nyúl and the equipment manufacturer, our brewery also functions as a showroom for brewing machinery. Because of this the brewery is very linear and logical in design, so understanding the makings of beer with a guide on your side can be an easy and straight forward adventure. Since we were constrained into a pre-existing structure the brewery is considered compact, meaning there are no elongated walks between points of interests, so we can focus on the material at hand. During the tour we will show you everything worth seeing up close!


4) Beer tasting

Good beer feels good. Especially when you can fully appreciate what made it so good. Part of our tours is a guided beer tasting, during which we try 5 different beers from our current tap list. Our guides are not only experts in brewing, but also in drinking! After learning how beer is made, it’s time to study the culture behind beer. Get ready for knowledge regarding historical beer styles, current trends, flavor and aroma profiles and the proper way of drinking different beers. If you feel like you need to get up to speed not only on brewing but beer in general, we have you covered!


Would you like to visit? Feel free to contact our colleagues at to organize a group tour for your family, friends or co-workers. Our pre-scheduled tours are hosted in Hungarian, but for private events we are happy to speak the King’s English!