You might have heard that we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. In the following blogpost we would like to explain in detail the background of this decision as well as our plans and goals with it.

Seven years ago, when the idea of starting a craft brewery started to materialize, we already figured out that we need to raise a huge amount of capital. Our desire to launch Fehér Nyúl was so powerful, that we conquered this challenge and managed to raise the needed money. Still, we realized that we would need further funding to keep our prestigious position amongst the rapidly changing and growing domestic beer market. In this period of fluidity, a couple investors who saw the potential of quality-oriented brewing joined the company. Since then, they became integral parts of our team. This positive experience shaped our way of thinking about capitalization.

Now is the time to elevate this capitalization to a new level. Regardless of the economic setbacks that the 2 years of covid pandemic, and now an ongoing war brought up, we are looking at a growing demand for our products both on the domestic- and export markets. We reached a point, where demand for certain products from our core ranges experience outperform our supply. Our reason for this investment opportunity is not solely to increase production though!

With this investment, we want to increase our facilities capacity to meet the demand we currently can’t supply. What we don’t want to do is to increase our manufacturing capabilities to a point, where we need to change our products to be more accessible for the general consumer in our region. In fact, we want the exact opposite; to continue on the path that Fehér Nyúl carved for itself. We want to be able to expand our portfolio with product lines that we currently don’t have the facilities to brew. We can’t share too much about this for now, but believe this: these exciting and special beer categories would be perfectly suited to our brand. We also want to further expand our barrel aging facilities.

A big part of this capitalization will be used to build a new warehouse for finished products. The reason for this is two-fold: to ease the burden of bureaucracy and to streamline the process of deliveries. We want to start our own laboratory. From the very beginning, we focused on high quality standards. Currently we employ numerous outside laboratory facilities for testing. As you can imagine, this is a very costly endeavor. Having an inhouse laboratory would not only help with reducing these costs, but it would also give us the capacity to start propagating our own yeast. There are of course lots of other miscellaneous equipment we would like to fund with this crowdfunding campaign. A couple examples would be a nitrogen generator, water treatment equipment, a higher capacity malt grinder etc. These projects will be realized depending on the amount that the campaign raises.

So why did we choose to take the route of crowdfunding? The above mentioned developments would naturally occur with time. But time is of the essence in the business of craft beer. Not only do we expect this campaign to shorten this time dramatically, but it also helps us to grow our community of regular consumers. Anybody who takes part in this campaign becomes an owner of Fehér Nyúl. Our goal is to have a community of owners who are not only in it for the obvious monetary reasons, but who are also motivated by the fact, that they are part of one of the best brewery Hungary has to offer. 

Besides becoming part-owner of the brewery, investors can look forward to numerous perks to sweeten the deal. Besides the lifetime discounts in our webshop and Taproom I want to highlight the twice-a-year hosted exclusive events and the pre-purchase rights to limited-edition brews. There are of course a lot more we have to offer depending on the size of your investment, that you can read up on at Tőkeportál’s website dedicated to this campaign.

Let’s write Fehér Nyúl’s next chapter together
Author: Álmos Sajgó

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